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Skills and passion that give rise to history!

In 1970 Mr. Giovanni Modugno began his career as a worker in a small mechanic turnery workshop in Molfetta and, since that year, so much has been done. After being a factory worker, factory manager and production manager, in 1989 he started with other partners a company of hydraulic demolition breakers, until 2004. In the same year he decides to found, together with his son Valerio, a family company for the design, production and sale of hydraulic breakers, which takes the name of "Hammer". The values of a family company have allowed Hammer to establish itself on the global market through 10 branches spread across the continents and a capillary network of dealers and authorized workshops throughout the world.

Hammer guarantees a 100% Made in Italy product of the highest quality, entirely designed and manufactured in the 8 plants (an area of ​​30000 m²) located in the Industrial Area of Molfetta (BA).
Hammer begins with the design, production and sale of small and medium-sized hydraulic breakers, in addition to the sale of multi-brand spare parts.

Then comes the introduction of the first examples of demolition shears, which paved the way for the demolition and recycling segment; at this point, Hammer decides to expand the range of hydraulic breakers, up to the FX 15000 model which, with a weight of 14500 kg, becomes the largest hydraulic breaker in the world.

After the huge success achieved in this segment, Hammer introduces the SB series that benefits from the particular monoblock construction. This feature gives the structure a very high resistance to leverage efforts. The breaker is built in one piece and there are no side bolts or diaphragms.

It is the turn, then, of the grapple line, with the GR series: 7 models from 145 kg to 2000 kg with 3 different types of jaws, depending on the needs of the operator.
The demolition segment is then widened with the FP series (fixed hydraulic crusher for secondary demolition), the FR series (rotary hydraulic crusher for primary and secondary demolition) and the FK series (rotary hydraulic crusher for primary demolition).

Manufacturing Factories

20190218_140940 (1) (FILEminimizer)


An internal space of about 2500 sq m
which includes: administrative offices, commercial, R&D, production (30 CNC
machines managed by computer
software for monitoring), assembling
station, painting, automatic vertical
warehouses and a photovoltaic system
that produces about 40% o. f electricity

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An internal space of about 1600 sq m
which includes a large warehouse for
storing ready goods and raw material, 3
workstations for the first production
phase (cutting) and 6 welding stations

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An internal space of about 2200 sq m
with 3 plasma cutting machines, 8
welding stations and a warehouse for
the raw material



About 1700 sq m with robot for
assembly of structures and welding, 2
plasma cutting machines of 12 meters
and several welding stations.

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An internal space of about 1400 sq m
where there are 20 CNC and traditional
machines (lathes, millings, and
grindings) and an area used for the
storage of large components; about
1000 sq m outside for raw materials

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An internal space adjoining the Robotized
Carpentry Dept. of about 1000 sq m
to be completed and then used as a
storage-warehouse for semi-finished and finished carpentry components.

20190218_140359 (FILEminimizer)


Internal space of about 1200 sq mto be
allocated soon to the exclusive
department for precision. machining

20190218_135930 (FILEminimizer)


A large internal space of about 2500 sq
m in which moving, by the end of 2019, the final production processes (assembly
and painting), as well as warehouse, logistics, commercial and administrative


We're always ready for challenges.

7000 +
Manufactured unit/year
Assist Country
Manufacturing Factories
100 %
Made in Italy

Research and development

Our work is based on continuous innovation and research in the 7 factories of Molfetta, where there are:
• an equipped workshop with 65 high-productivity CNC machines;
• the grinding and testing department in which we make sure of the absolute correctness of the various components of our products;
• the carpentry department, equipped with 5 latest generation plasma cutting, 5 robot welding stations and 2 robot stations forassembly;
• the assembly department, in which the technical staff, composed of qualified people constantly updated on the new technologies of the sector, assembles the whole Hammer line;
• a large spare parts warehouse that, thanks to the 6 automated modules that develop vertically, allows us to speed up and optimize the assembly of our range and increase the storage area of 1000 m2.

Moreover, thanks to the Industry investment plan 4.0, we managed to further optimize the production process.
The search for new solutions and innovation on existing products are the basis of our activity to be present on the market as protagonists and to offer our customers always the best.

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