Customer Service

Hammer Customer Service

Hammer Customer Service is very organized and efficient and it guarantees quick assistance that reduces the cost of machine downtime. The large spare parts’ warehouse of Hammer srl ensures the immediate availability of each component that can be shipped in very short time worldwide.

If necessary, customers can sign up a Full Service contract that provides many benefits:

  •   prevention of the most frequent problems;
  •   possibility to ask for a hammer in replacement in case the repairing
    lasts  longer than 48/72 hours
  •   greater reliability over time;
  •   estimated and constantly monitored costs of maintenance;
  •   longer life of the hammer and consequent high resale value.

It should be stressed the importance of proper use of the hammer by the users and the care in maintaining it always in perfect efficiency. It’s most important the use of high quality molybdenum disulphide lubricant that resists high temperatures and does not lose its characteristics in prolonged working conditions.

The maintenance contract was initially signed up from companies that had to carry out long-term works, while nowadays it is frequently required also from small companies that which have understood its practicality in controlling and limiting management costs and its effectiveness in increasing the hydraulic hammer efficiency.

Hammer s.r.l.  periodically organizes technical updating courses for all his authorized dealers who, therefore, know the product perfectly and are able to intervene directly..