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The customer is the central focus for each stage of production and sales of our products

Hammer Customer Service is highly organized and efficient, ensuring rapid interventions that reduce downtime costs.

The large spare parts warehouse of Hammer srl guarantees the immediate availability of any component, which can be shipped in a very short time anywhere in the world.
It’s important the correct use of the breaker by users and the care in keeping it always in conditions of perfect efficiency.
Particularly important is also the use of a high quality lubricant with molybdenum bisulphide which withstands high temperatures and does not lose its characteristics under prolonged working conditions.
The maintenance contract, initially accepted and used only by the companies that carried out long-term work, is now increasingly requested also by the smaller ones that have understood its practicality in the management costs control and its effectiveness for the increase in the efficiency of the hydraulic hammer.

Trust our Full Service Service and you'll enjoy many benefits:

Prevention of unexpected

Possibility to get a breaker to replace the one being repaired, in the case the intervention would require more than 48/72 hours.

Greater reliability over time

With the proper maintenance, your equipment will last a long time.

More savings

No more surprises, budgeted and constantly checked maintenance costs.

Guaranteed value

Equipment stored in excellent condition and consequent high value of used.
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