The NOX Tiltrotator by KINSHOFER is one of
the most effective tools for excavators with
an operating weight of 3t up to 25t. Its 360°
endless rotation as well as a tilt angle of
2 x 50° make your machine turn into a
multi-functional carrier.

You will be able to finish much more different kinds of works in much less time and at
the same time create a safe working area.

Additionally you have the option of an
electric feedthrough for the use of special
safety quick couplers and tool recognition.
Moreover the NOX Tiltrotators are already
prepared for 2D-/3D excavator systems.
Your machine is thus becoming a semiautomatic carrier.

Tiltrotator for excavators with operating weight from 3 to 25 ton

If you want to increase productivity, a NOX tiltrotator is the right choice.


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