DX Series

Drum cutters

9 models for excavators with operating weight from 2 to 60 ton.

High profitability

Robust and low maintenance, precise and prole-true cutting in hard soil and rock, easy reutilization of cut material.

Greater efficiency

High pick force, extremely high cutting head torque and maximum cutting force due to reduction gear unit.

Maximum flexibility

Modular construction, large product range of drums and picks, fast and easy replacing of wear parts.

Horizontal Tabs

The best suited components for your purpose

The cutters with robust spur gearing are driven by high torque motors. In addition, they are equipped with a gear reduction to increase the cutting force. The optimal selection of drum and pick guarantees high performance for loosening of material and reduces wear.

The best suited components for your task will provide optimum penetration into the rock at low vibration and noise levels. Underwater operation in up to 25m water depth is no problem thanks to the heavy duty sealing system.

It is not the performance of the cutter (kW) which is decisive for the cutting operation, but the pick force due to the cutting head torque.

The optimum arrangement of the pick guarantees a high loosening performance and low wear. Thus a smooth cutting reduces vibration on the excavator.

*All illustrations and numerical data in this catalog are purely indicative and subject to change at our discretion and without notice. We therefore reserve the right to modify them with a view to improving and constantly developing our produc.

Demolition drum

For cutting medium-hard to hard rock and concrete. High running smoothness and reduced vibration due to wear protected spiral sheet.

Profiling drum

For shaping and leveling soft to medium hard rocks. Higher density of pick for clean surfaces at reduced vibration.

Excavating drum

For cutting soft to medium-hard rock. With select pick for maximum productivity and loosening performance.

Standard pick

For soft to medium-hard rocks. (Asphalt, argillite).

Heavy duty pick

For medium-hard to very hard rocks. (Limestone, concrete).

Wear-protected pick

For very abrasive rocks. (Sandstone, furnace gravel).

Wood pick

For wood applications. (Tree stumps)

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