Excavation Line

Hydraulic Hammers

Pressurized hydraulic breakers up to 14,500 kg suitable for any job, from simple excavation to use in quarries and mines.

Strength and efficiency

The hydraulic breaker is an equipment of the earth-moving and mining industry, whose components are subjected to high levels
of stress, working mostly in difficult situations.
In order to make hydraulic breakers increasingly reliable and guarantee performance and power, Hammer Srl has introduced
the SB and FX lines, obtained with in-depth R&D studies carried out in over 30 years of activity.
For the production of these ranges, the best high-alloy steels on the market are used and the best heat treatment techniques
The research and studies carried out have allowed us to obtain important results in terms of the technological and mechanical
characteristics of the steels.
At the same time, studies were carried out in collaboration with the main producers of hydraulic seals (Trelleborg, Freudenberg, Nok).
Over the years we have therefore improved the quality of the materials used and the types of the same, so as to adapt them to
the right ratio between the variables speed, pressure,
temperature, obtaining thus greater durability.

SB Series


FX Series


We're always ready for challenges.

With ref. to SB and FX series, Hammer Srl, thank to its experience, has chosen to design and build "nitrogen" breakers in order to obtain a high power distributed over a higher number of blows per minute, thus resisting high counterpressures up to 25 bar. The breaker is also very compactly structured to reduce stress on the excavator arm and ensure greater durability of both the breaker itself and its components.
The SB and FX hydraulic breakers can work on any type of excavator and on any single-acting hydraulic system; they are also suitable for hydraulic systems with high back pressure
HAMMER Breakers are equipped with special polyurethane shock absorbers that absorb vibrations, thus protecting the arm of the excavator and also reduce noise emissions, according to the requirements of directive 2000/14 / EC
The HAMMER breakers of the SB series are suitable for carriers, mini excavators, mini-blades, backhoe loaders, demolition robots. etc... The HAMMER breakers of the FX series are suitable for medium and large crawler and wheeled excavators, etc...

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