About us

Some stories are shaped by a dream

Such as the story of Giovanni Modugno who, in 1970 begins his adventure in a small mechanical turning workshop in Molfetta. He has always been interested in the subject, and decides to undertake further training, which leads him to climb up the company hierarchy, holding positions of responsibility: from worker to workshop manager, production manager and finally entrepreneur in 1989, when he starts together with other partners a company producing Hydraulic Breakers.

2004 is the breakthrough year, when Giovanni Modugno decides to start, together with his son Valerio Modugno (later integrating Onofrio Modugno too) Hammer srl, the company designing, producing and selling Hydraulic Breeakers all around the world.

Family values as key development opportunities

Hammer srl starts as a family business, proud of its professional culture and of local traditions, able to assert itself in the global market.

Indeed, thanks to 10 branches located in various continents, and a widespread network of dealers and licensed workshops, Hammer guarantees 100% Made in Apulia quality products all around the world.

Hammer delivers state-of—the-art excavation and demolition equipment from the 10 factories of Molfetta, Bari (a 40000 m² area), where it started the design, production and sale of Hydraulic Breakers of small to medium size, plus the sale of multi-brand spare parts.

Thus, over time Hammer has become a landmark in the MMT industry for its Made in Italy quality and reliability.

Hammer srl has always been unique in its innovative approach, which helped it gain International trustworthiness. By introducing the first models of demolition grapples, which joined the well established line of Hydraulic Breakers, the demolition and recycling market offered a new opportunity to come up with an ever more complete range of products. And there’s more.

Our numbers


The factories

In the 8 factories of Molfetta our work is always oriented towards research and is split up in different areas.


CNC Machines

The workshop department is equipped with 65 high productivity CNC Machines.


Produced units/year

The 4.0 industrial plan has helped optimize even more the manufacturing process.


Robot Station

The carpentry department, equipped with 5 latest generation plasma cutting, 5 robot welding stations and 2 robot stations for assembly.

Aiming for excellence

For Hammer the next step of the journey was a great achievement.

The widening of the range of Hydraulic Breakers has been a meaningful step forward, indeed, the 14500kg FX 15000 model became the biggest Hydraulic Breakerr in the world.

After the huge success achieved in this market, a new series of SB Hydraulic Breakers was introduced, which benefit from the particular monobloc design. This feature ensures a very high resistance to linkage efforts during the work. Indeed, the breaker is made out of one single piece and has no side bolts or membranes.

Moving on to the demolition department, which importance has increased since the enlargement of the line of grapples through the GR series, with 7 models ranging between 145 and 2000 kg, offering 3 different jaws according to the need of the operator, the FP series of hydraulic static pulverizers for secondary demolition, the FR series of rotary hydraulic pulverizers for primary and secondary demolition and the FK series of rotary hydraulic pulverizers for primary demolition.

Hammer’s performing line for excavation, demolition, recycling, handling and scrapping keeps offering Made in Italy quality and the support of both a well organized widespread sales network and an after-sales service capable of handling the needs of customers all over the world.

Research and development

Our work in the 10 factories of Molfetta is always research oriented and split into departments:

  • The workshop, equipped with 65 high  productivity CNC Machines;
  • The rectification and testing department, which ensures the performance of all product components;
  • The carpentry department, equipped with 5 state-of-the-art plasma cutters, 5 robot welding stations and 2 robot stations for assembly;
  • The assembling department, where the whole Hammer line is assembled by the technical staff, who are qualified and constantly updated on the new technologies of the industry.
  • The wide spare parts warehouse where 6 upwards automated modules help accelerate and maximise the line assembling and widen the stocking of 1000 m2.

Plus, the 4.0 Industrial plan has helped boost the production process.

The research for new solutions and the innovation of already existing products is the basis for a business that can offer customers always the best, which is the reason why Hammer has been able to establish itself in the market.