Kinshofer Pro Nature

In times of climate change, global warming and huge amounts of waste being thrown in our oceans, we’ve committed to contribute in protecting our environment.

We have a certification in power management in conformity with DIN ISO 50001 we are already able to reduce our power consumption to 111.000 kWh/year. This corresponds to the annual consumption of more or less 22 German families.

And there’s more! We are currently looking for other saving opportunities, because from a closer look companies seem to have a lot of potential in saving.

We are aiming at obtaining within 2020 an environmental certification with DIN ISO 14001 and ze are pretty sure we will reach our goal  with a lot of hard work!

An year ago we decided to change our packaging material. Our motto is “No plastics!”

We rely on alternative bio-degradable materials and turn our back to oil-made plastic, which is responsible for the formation of microplastic not only in our oceans, but also in local waters.

Unfortunately, very few producers sell compostable plastics, and guarantee a safe packaging. In partnership with NASF, we tried to find adequate producers which enabled them to test and use different materials.

We look forward to supporting our customers and our suppliers and share our experiences with them, if they’re also interested in bringing change.

The first step forward is a network that we are currently creating together with other companies.

It will become a sort of forum to exchange information, provide advice and assistance and encourage improvement in order to protect our environment as efficiently as possible!

It may sound obvious but our environment concerns everybody! Today and Tomorrow!