How is the hydraulic connection?
The demolition hydraulic connection to the excavator is made using rubber hoses. These tubes are connected for one end to the excavator by means of delivery and return valves, welded to the machine arm, for the other end to the hydraulic breaker. The hose connection to the breaker can be through nipples or through nipples and swivels. The delivery hole is indicated with the IN symbol. Before mounting the tool, it is important to sprinkle the upper part of the tool, that will be put into the breaker, with molybdenum disulphide grease, recommended by Hammer.
What kind of oils to use?
Only use approved oils for hydraulic mechanisms. All oils recommended by the excavator manufacturer are suitable for breaker operation. Other types of liquid for hydraulic mechanisms can only be used after authorization from Hammer.
If the greasing device does not work?
In case the greasing device does not operate for a certain period, lubricate manually.
Use of automatic greasing device
If greasing is performed by an automatic greasing device, periodically check the grease level in the container and ensure its operation.
Greasing Frequency
The greasing of the tool must be carried out every two hours by means of a hand lubrication pump containing molybdenum disulphide grease.
Rules to be respected
The basic rule to be respected for a long life of the breaker, is the timely and constant maintenance.

Controls to be carried out

Checking of the screw connections of the breaker subject to vibration stresses.
Checking of the integrity of the retainer pin.
Checking of the rubber tubes.
Checking of the integrity of the side bolts.
Checking of the backlash of the tool on its housing.
Checking of the wearing of the tool; if it is worn out below the permissible diameters, replace it.
Checking of the diameter of the wearing bushes (if provided), according to the permissibile diameters.
Checking of the integrity of the casing.
Oil: minimum viscosity = 15 c St.
Grease: high temperature resistant molybdenum bisulfide.
Gas: normal nitrogen, purity 99,8%.
Checking of the oil filter. The return pipe of the hydraulic system must have an oil filter.
Constantly check the oil pressure temperature that for hydraulic mechanisms must never exceed 80 ° C. If a higher temperature is reached in the tank, a heat exchanger must be installed. Fill the accumulator with nitrogen only. Ensure that the accumularor is not filled with any other type of gas (for example, air or oxygen). It is very important to make sure that the pressure is completely discharged by the drain screw above the same accumulator, before opening the nitrogen storage tank.