The pride of a 100% Made in Puglia production!

Our work in the 8 factories of Molfetta is always research oriented and split into departments:

  • The workshop, equipped with 65 high  productivity CNC Machines;
  • The rectification and testing department, which ensures the performance of all product components;
  • The carpentry department, equipped with 5 state-of-the-art plasma cutters, 5 robot welding stations and 2 robot stations for assembly;
  • The assembling department, where the whole Hammer line is assembled by the technical staff, who are qualified and constantly updated on the new technologies of the industry.
  • The wide spare parts warehouse where 6 upwards automated modules help accelerate and maximise the line assembling and widen the stocking of 1000 m2.

Plus, the 4.0 Industrial plan has helped boost the production process.

The research for new solutions and the innovation of already existing products is the basis for a business that can offer customers always the best, which is the reason why Hammer has been able to establish itself in the market.

La ricerca di nuove soluzioni e l’innovazione dei prodotti esistenti è alla base di un’attività che è in grado di offrire ai clienti sempre il meglio e che per questo è stata capace di imporsi sul mercato.