FRK pulverizer: the new 2021 demolition innovation

Stronger, more powerful, more durable. The new-generation rotary FRK pulverizer is the absolute highlight of 2021, designed in cooperation with Demarec, one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for the demolition and recycling industry, which like Hammer is part of the Kinshofer Group.

What makes the FRK pulverizer special?

• Double motor for excellent rotation and high force
• Integrated relief valve to avoid pressure peaks on the rotation motor
• Double ball slewing ring (FRK17 and later)
• Designed and built for high crushing force
• Excellent speed/power in relation to weight
• Cylinder fully protected from debris during demolition
• Plate design developed to achieve optimum
• Crushing pressure up to 350 BAR

The features of the rotary FRK pulverizer allow excellent rotation and the design is intended to achieve a high crushing force. These features make it an indispensable tool for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete and iron.

In addition, the integration of the relief valve has made it possible to avoid pressure peaks on the rotary motor to ensure greater longevity.

Finally, the excellent ratio of speed – power to weight makes it by far one of the most efficient and reliable pulverizers on the job site, thanks also to the cylinder protected from possible debris and the plates designed to achieve effective crushing.