Smart demolition

For Hammer demolition grapples have represented a new milestone and a new frontier for business:  a debut in the recycling and demolition industry.
The company has welcomed the challenge of integrating a new department quality equipment of higher performance.

Grapples: versatile tools

Of the new multi-purpose grapples of the GR series 9 models have been designed for excavators, with an operative weight from 1,5 to 80 tonnes, to follow the best standards through an excellent performance for handling, recycling and small demolition.

Grapples have several strong points: going from the replaceabilityof wear parts, to the completely integrated strong rotation, to the built-in relief valve, to cylinder fully protected from possible debris during demolition, to wear blades (400hb), to the 3 different types of jaws to choose from according to the operation (standard jaws from GR200 to GR600  are available).

This is the way the company has established itself in the market: making sure the products are evermore performing, reliable and efficient.