A technology that amplifies power

Innovation for durability

In order to emerge in the demolition industry it is important to guarantee efficient performance to shorten work time in construction sites. This is the only way to support the mining and movement industry.

This is the reason Hammer encourages its research team to keep exploring new possibilities to raise technological and mechanical standards.

Top products

The SB and FX series of up to 14500 kg pressurized hydraulic breakers are the product of 30 years of studies aimed at providing strong components that can handle increasingly high stress levels, especially in difficult situations. To produce those lines we use the best performing alloy steel available in the market and the best techniques for heat treatment. On top of this, those studies were  carried in partnership with the key International producers of hydraulic seals such as Trelleborg, Freudenberg and Nok.

The quality and type of the materials we used were chosen to create the right relationship between speed and pressure variables and to guarantee a major durability.


Higher standards and performance

The SB and FX series of Hammer srl are designed with nitrogen, in order to obtain a high strength distributed on a major number of blows per minute, thus resisting high counter-pressure up to 25 bar. Moreover, this series’ breakers has a very compact structure in order to reduce stress on the exccavator’s arm and ensure a major durability for the tool and its components.

Another important feature of SB and FX hydraulic breakers is their adaptability: they can fit any kind of excavator in any hydraulic system, even with high counter-pressure.

Last but not least, our particular shock absorbers made out of polyurethane that both absorb vibrations and the excavator’s and workers’ arm, reducing acoustic emissions  according to the 2000/14 / CE directive.


SB series of monobloc demolition breakers without tie rods: 8 models fitting mini excavators, mini blades, backhoes and demolition robots.

FX series of hydraulic breakers: 14 models fitting tracked and wheeled excavators of medium and big size.